Finally, Dry Ice blasting is available in Morocco.

It is a revolutionary cleaning process that literally cleans any sort of dirt on any type of material. Even “energized panels” without any chemicals or abrasive as a result of its dry ice (CO2) blasting.

In partnership with “CRYONOMIC” in Belgium, our experience is constantly enriched every day by new processes and new challenges.

Furthermore, this cleaning process is certainly suitable for many industries such as : Aerospace, Food, Automotive, Marine, Rubber, Chemicals, Cosmetics. Printing, Optical, Monument, Biomedical, Cement, Energy, Power, Space, Stationery, Plastics Nuclear, Disaster restoration and recovery among others …

For more details, please feel free to check our dedicated website In which we are covering more in depth the entire cleaning process and all various industry usage and use cases.

Here are some cleaning operations done by our machines.